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Steering Robot Systems

The SR series of Steering Robot products (aka Programmable Steering Controller) are designed to apply inputs to a vehicle’s steering system for testing its transient handling behaviour on the test track.

Accelerator robot system

The AR series Accelerator Pedal Robot is designed to apply inputs to a vehicle’s throttle pedal for:
• Closed loop vehicle speed control
• Handling behavior measurement
• Consistent in-vehicle NVH measurement

Brake Robot Systems

The ABD Brake Robot is designed to apply inputs to a vehicle's brake pedal for braking characterization and handling behavior measurement. It is typically used to apply step or ramped force or position inputs to the brake pedal.

Suspension Parameter Measurement
Machine (SPMM)

ABD's kinematics and compliance measurement machines measure the quasi-static suspension characteristics that are essential to understanding vehicle ride and handling.


Steering System Test Machine (SSTM)

SSTM is a computer-controlled machine for applying force and displacement inputs to a vehicle’s steering system in the laboratory.
The SSTM is used to characterize steering system performance both objectively, using quasi-static and dynamic tests, and subjectively. Hardware in the Loop (HiL) testing can also be performed.


Noise and Vibration Testing Systems
( Plato)

ABD offer a range of noise/vibration (NVH) measurement & analysis system solutions, designed for testing automotive powertrain and power-steering products



NIHTSA Design Titanium Outrigger

NHTSA uses three unique sets of outriggers to facilitate conduct of NCAP rollover and ESC compliance testing.



Corrsys-Datron Optical Sensors

Corrsys-Datron Optical Sensors All Corrsys-Datron Optical Speed/Slip Angle Sensors have an unprecedented sampling rate of 250Hz on every model! Since the introduction of the world’s first optical speed and distance sensor in 1981, Corrsys-Datron has worked continually to bring increasingly high levels of accuracy and repeatability to the measurement of dynamic variables including speed, distance, angle and height.





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