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Brake Robot Systems

The ABD Brake Robot is designed to apply inputs to a vehicle's brake pedal for braking characterization and handling behavior measurement. It is typically used to apply step or ramped force or position inputs to the brake pedal. It can also be used to control vehicle deceleration when an accelerometer is used for feedback.

The Brake Robot can be used with an external data capture system, or alternatively it can be fitted with built-in multi-channel capture to minimize the hardware required in the vehicle. When it is used in conjunction with ABD's steering robot, it is possible to perform accurate and repeatable synchronized braking and steering tests for braking-in-a-bend studies.



BR1000The ABD BR1000 can apply forces of 1400N to the brake pedal at a maximum velocity of 600mm/s.


BR1000-HSThe BR1000-HS is designed to apply high forces at high speed to meet the requirements of the AMS test which requires a performance envelope that far exceeds the capability of most drivers.



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