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Noise and Vibration Testing Systems PLATO

Noise and Vibration Testing Systems

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We offer a range of noise/vibration (NVH) measurement & analysis system solutions,

designed for testing automotive powertrain and power-steering products:

  • on test stands (end-of-line, audit, R&D, durability)
  • in-vehicle
  • pass-by

with worldwide application experience of testing:

  • axles (independently-suspended, beam, with/without tubes, with/without driveshafts)
  • transmissions (manual, automatic, auto-shifted manual, CVT)
  • transfer cases (4x4, SUV, commercial vehicle)
  • PTUs (power take-off units)
  • differential units (4x4 front-rear)
  • engines ("cold" & "hot")
  • power-steering (hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, electric)
  • motors
  • alternators
  • pumps & compressors

These different products have many similar NVH issues, but experience has taught us that they each also present their own specific measurement & analysis challenges.

We design, configure & supply systems to meet your specifications, and we also offer a full range of associated services including:

  • pre-sales pilot studies on your site or in collaboration with your chosen test stand provider
  • advice on test set-up, sensors, specifications etc.
  • integration with your chosen test stand
  • system installation/commissioning at test stand builder's site and/or your site
  • training for your personnel (everyday & in-depth/fundamentals)
  • ongoing help with result interpretation
  • correlation-optimisation studies

PLATO - fully-featured NVH test system

Plato delivers high-precision order-domain analysis of gear-mesh related noise/vibration when the product under test is subjected to variable speed and/or variable torque test conditions.

For test stand based applications, Plato is optimised to provide an automated, highly-efficient (and hence fast) NVH test cycle, yet the same software running outside of test mode (or on another PC) is capable of "deep-diving" into the raw data, facilitating comprehensive analysis & reporting. Plato also comes with many add-on software options relevant to test stand based testing of transmissions, gearboxes, transfer cases, CVTs etc:

  • "Stats" - for automated statistical analysis & trending of key quality values extracted by the system during every test
  • "Dybal" - for input (companion flange) imbalance measurement
  • "Metkit" - for gear pitch-line run-out measurement
  • "Revkit" - for objective analysis of impulsive noise/vibration from non-cyclical errors such as gear "knocks" & "clicks"
  • "Focus" - an automated fault-classification system, which uses the entire abnormal NVH-signature to report root-cause information using sophisticated pattern-matching

algorithms more...

ELSA - NVH test system with reduced functionality

For simpler testing requirements, where the product can be tested under constant speed and torque conditions, the Elsa system provides real-time frequency analysis with simple I/O-communications with the test stand, fast & automatic reference level learning and an intuitive graphical interface.

The following processes may be configured to run in parallel to tailor each set-up for specific purposes:

  • Frequency analysis
  • Overall level analysis
  • Event analysis
  • Range-checking analysis (e.g. for speed & torque)

Elsa can also be supplied with the following software option:

  • ElsaVIEW - for retrospective analysis and reporting of data streamed to disk during routine testing more...

Transmissions & Transfer Cases
Manual, Automatic, Auto-Shifted Manual, Transaxle, CVT ...

Transmission & Gearbox NVH

Transmission & Gearbox NVHBy necessity, many automotive transmission, gearbox and transfer case assemblies are produced with significantly larger casing surfaces than, for example, an independently-suspended axle. The larger casing surfaces are more easily vibrated by gear mesh interaction forces, resulting in a higher proportion of radiated noise.

In general, this calls for an NVH measurement approach that takes account of casing vibration and hence radiated noise, so it is commonplace for systems to measure:

  • arrays (multiple channels) of microphones


  • non-contacting laser vibrometers
  • spring-loaded vibration touch-probes
  • well-attached accelerometers (if test time permits)

Measuring Product Noise on the Factory Floor

Measuring Product Noise on the Factory FloorIf radiated noise is measured, it is important to ensure that the product noise can be measured over background noise. Noise "havens" are often employed to help obtain repeatable, and hence meaningful, measures of tonal noise, but measurement of gear-related tonal noise under such conditions comes with its challanges. ABD-experience & expertise is able to overcome these challenges, using well-proven techniques for measuring multiple channels (microphone arrays) and implementing appropriate subsequent processing.



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